Design 500 Racewear Racing Suits | Seattle, WA

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Safety with Style ~ No Compromises!

Design 500 Racewear Suit Features!


 Standard Features

Optional Extras

3FI Raking 

32 a /5 Specs

32 a /15 or 32 a /20


Knit Meta-Aramid (is Nomex)

Carbon X or Honeycomb

Extra Layers


3rd Layer or Extra Layer on Custom only


Vertical "Pinstripe" quilting 

Box or Custom quilting


Wrap around w/ hook-loop

Knit Collar


military style epaulets

3 point or HR


inset pockets on hips 

Receiver pocket inside suit

 Stretch Panels

180 degree back 3 huldes/sleeves

Lower back (lumbar) panel

270 degrees or 360 degrees


Tappered leg with knit cuffs

Straight Boot leg with inset

Boot leg with hood

Sewn in socks



Padding in knees elbows

Removable panels in pockets

 Arm Restraints


Swen in Arm restraints

43.3 palish (if required)