Design 500 Racewear Racing Suits | Seattle, WA

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Safety with Style ~ No Compromises!

About Design 500 Racewear!

JamesAndKaty.jpgDesign 500 has been protecting its customers since 1982. Offering head-to-toe coverage for drivers and crew, Design 500 manufactures driver’s suits for both auto racing & karting, fire-retardant crew suits and traditional crew uniforms. Other items designed for driver protection include neck collars for both auto & kart racing, harness pads and both CarbonX® & Nomex® underwear, headsocks & socks.


From the Friday night racer to the consummate professional, Design 500 Racewear products are second to none in their approach to driver safety and are competitively priced across the board.


Whether your average speed is 80mph around a dirt oval or 400mph on the salt flats, do not short-change yourself on safety equipment.


At Design 500, we create every suit from the ground up, to insure the best fit, protection, comfort and style possible. Our seamstresses provide the best in quality construction, right from our US manufacturing facilities. Whether you are a national champion or a family favorite, check us out.